A Term of Artistic growth

It has been an undeniably productive period for our Junior and Senior Musical Theatre streams, marked by the unwavering dedication and creative spirit of our talented students.

Throughout the term, our students have not only honed their technical skills across various disciplines but have also been diligently preparing for the grand finale—their much-anticipated end-of-year performances. The culmination of their efforts was on full display in the Senior Acting Showcase, expertly directed by the talented Alex Lee Rickers. Simultaneously, the Junior cohort, under the guidance of the creative force Romy Bartz, ventured into the world of filmmaking, crafting a captivating short film that reflects their artistic prowess.

The journey leading up to these showcases has been a testament to the hard work and collaboration of our students. Diligently and harmoniously, they have contributed to the development of these shows, showcasing not only their artistic mastery but also their immense courage to express themselves on stage and on screen.

The growth of our students throughout this year has been undeniable and immensely gratifying to witness. Their commitment to their craft, coupled with their collaborative spirit, has created an environment where artistic excellence thrives. The term may be concluding, but the echoes of their achievements will resonate long into the future.

As we celebrate the conclusion of this term, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the students who have contributed to the success of the Senior Acting Showcase and the Junior film project. Your passion, dedication, and creativity have truly made this term a standout chapter in our school’s artistic journey. We eagerly anticipate the upcoming performances and the continued artistic growth of each student. Bravo to our aspiring actors, filmmakers, and the entire school community for fostering an environment where creativity flourishes!