Orientation for new students

Once your child is enrolled at The McDonald College, families are provided with a Parents & Student Handbook detailing the College rules and expectations, services you can access, timetabling information, and communication protocols.

The McDonald College Performing Arts Primary and Secondary School in Sydney

McD buddies

Every new student is allocated a buddy. Their role for the first couple weeks is to make the new student feel warmly welcomed, explain the College routines, make introductions, accompany new students to each of their lessons, provide reassurance and support, and help make the transition to a new environment easier.

Welcome Day for Year 7 students

A Welcome Day for all future Year 7 students is held in November each year.

This is for both completely new to the College and current Year 6 students at the College.

Families will be invited to experience a short showcase of performances and light refreshments. Students will be assessed in literacy, numeracy and thinking so we can support them as needed when they start with us the following year.

Families enrolling after this event will be welcomed individually, and students will be assessed at a separate time.

We aim to welcome our families in this way so we can get to know each other better and ensure a smooth transition into Secondary School for all Year 7 students.

Details will be provided upon enrolment.

Get in touch with our Registrar

02 9752 0507registrar@mcdonald.nsw.edu.au