We can accommodate up to 45 boarders of all genders from Years 7 – 12. Our boarders come from everywhere from China to Cooma and even as close as Concord. We cater for full boarders, semi-boarders and occasional boarders.

Our focus

Our primary focus is to provide an environment where your child can develop academically, socially, physically and emotionally. All while pursuing their passion – whether that be in performing arts or performance sports.

Our values

Our strong community values, together with holistic guidance and support for our boarders creates close family-like relationships that last long after graduation.

Our much-adored and widely respected Head of Boarding is a registered nurse specialising in orthopaedics, a childcare worker, and a swimming instructor. She’s also the mother of three teenagers.


Study assistance, extra-curricular activities and outings are available to all students who live on campus.

Their well-being is paramount and students have access to resources such as a School Psychologist and a Diverse Learning team.


Our boarders accumulate important life skills. Your child’s interaction with people from different backgrounds will open their minds and broaden their horizons as they learn from each other.

They take responsibility for themselves, their ‘house-mates’ and their immediate surroundings, learning the value of respect, harmony, and teamwork.

Every day, we see our boarders’ knowledge, skills and confidence grow and many progress to leadership roles in the student environment and beyond.


Our boarding house is located within the College grounds and it is a short, covered walk to the school and performing arts spaces.

The close proximity to our Performing Arts facilities gives students every opportunity to participate in our After Hours classes and activities.

Elite Tennis students are taken by private shuttle to nearby Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Courts for their training.

The Boarding House is a secure, safe, caring and comfortable space to live and study. It has been designed to provide increased levels of privacy as students become more independent and mature.

All rooms are equipped with a bed, wardrobe and a dedicated study space with internet access.

Our Chef provides a variety of nutritional meals making dinner a highlight of the day.

Our communication style

We take a transparent and collaborative approach in our communications with you and your child to ensure they are fully supported to reach their potential. You are welcome to visit anytime (by prior arrangement).

Get in touch with our Head of Boarding

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