Our boarding community is an excellent choice if you want a supportive and well-rounded boarding experience at a performing arts and performance sports school in Sydney. Nestled in the leafy suburb of North Strathfield in Sydney’s Inner West, our boarding school welcomes students of all genders from Years 7 – 12. Our boarders come from everywhere, from China to Cooma and even as close as Concord. We cater for full boarders, semi-boarders and occasional boarders.

Our focus

Our primary focus is to provide an inclusive environment where your child can develop academically, socially, physically, and emotionally while pursuing their passion — whether that be performing arts or performance sports.

Our values

Our strong community values, together with holistic guidance and support for our boarders, create close, family-like relationships that last long after graduation.

Our caring team, led by our much-adored and widely respected Head of Boarding, creates a warm and familial atmosphere. With a wealth of experience as a registered nurse, a childcare worker, and a swimming instructor, our Head of Boarding ensures that the well-being and progress of our students are always top priorities. She’s also the mother of three teenagers.


The McDonald College Boarding

We offer extensive support to our boarders, including academic guidance, various extracurricular activities, and organised outings that contribute to their personal growth.

Our commitment to their well-being is evident through the availability of a School Psychologist and a Diverse Learning team, ensuring that every student has access to the necessary resources for success within our boarding community.


boarding school

An invaluable aspect of our boarding experience is the life skills that students develop during their time with us. Interaction with peers from diverse backgrounds fosters a deep understanding of respect, harmony, and teamwork.

As they take responsibility for themselves and their fellow ‘house-mates’, students learn the importance of mutual support and collaboration.

Every day, we see our boarders’ knowledge, skills, and confidence grow and many progress to leadership roles in the student environment and beyond.


The McDonald College Boarding

Our boarding house is located within the College grounds, and it is a short, covered walk to the school and performing arts spaces.

The close proximity to our Performing Arts facilities gives students every opportunity to participate in our After Hours classes and activities.

Elite Tennis students are taken by private shuttle to nearby Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Courts for their training.

The Boarding House is a secure, safe, caring and comfortable space to live and study. It has been designed to provide increased levels of privacy as students become more independent and mature.

All rooms are equipped with a bed, wardrobe and a dedicated study space with internet access.

Our Chef provides a variety of nutritional meals, making dinner a highlight of the day.

Our communication style

The McDonald College Boarding

Communication is key in our approach. We maintain an open and collaborative communication style, ensuring that both you and your child feel supported and informed at every step.

We encourage parental involvement and warmly welcome visits to our boarding school with prior arrangements. This allows you to experience the nurturing environment we’ve created for your child’s growth and development.

Get in touch with our Head of Boarding

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