Concerts, theatre stages, tennis courts, swimming pools and more

As the term unfolds, the boarding house at The McDonald College is alive with energy and excitement. Taylor Swift, Pink, and FredAgain concert fever has swept through our halls, with lucky boarders securing tickets while others enjoyed the music and vibe outside the stadium. Meanwhile, our tennis boarders have been honing their skills at tournaments like the AICES open boys’ Tennis tournament at Kings School and PLC for the girls.

The highlight of our school’s swimming carnival was a delight for all, with boarders donning house colours and diving into the pool in the scorching heat. Congratulations are in order for James, Cayla, and Oliver Austin for their amazing efforts in the pool.

But life in the boarding house isn’t just about sports and events. Our students are excelling in their chosen talents, making it through auditions, competitions, and callbacks. Routine is paramount, balancing school assessments, rehearsals, and downtime, ensuring they’re well-rested and nourished.

Safety is a top priority, especially during outings as a boarding group. The students have demonstrated maturity and respect, impressing both staff and our Deputy with their behaviour, whether travelling on trains or attending theatre productions as guests of The McDonald College.

Speaking of theatre, our recent outing to see & Juliet was a blast. After the show, we even had the chance to meet the cast, including McDonald College alumni Jordan Koulos. And let’s not forget the prefects’ concert, where everyone joined in for a boarding house dance choreographed by our senior boarders.

In our boarding house, inclusivity is key. We celebrate events like Mardi Gras and Harmony Week, decorating the space to foster a sense of support and appreciation for our diverse community. And as for Siofra, who’s recently returned from overseas, her experiences abroad are sure to add an exciting dimension to our conversations.

Weekends are now filled with adventures as our boarders explore Sydney’s offerings. From cultural excursions to leisurely strolls, there’s never a dull moment in our bustling city.

As the term progresses, we look forward to more unforgettable moments, laughter, and growth within our close-knit boarding family at The McDonald College.