Our Wellbeing Team is committed to supporting and enhancing the emotional, psychological, and social needs of our students, staff, and community. We recognise and value diversity within the school community. And we promote a safe, inclusive, and positive experience for all. We provide resources, tools, and support to encourage personal responsibility, develop awareness and respect, and nurture resilience.

In addition to a dedicated team to support Diverse Learning, we also organise Orientation for new students, Secondary wellbeing sessions, Peer support (where Year 10 students are trained as leaders to mentor Year 7 students) and a Senior mentoring program (where senior students are paired with a teacher who facilitates and supports their wellbeing during the HSC years). All secondary staff partake in weekly briefing sessions.

We regularly highlight issues impacting our students in various forums, host guest speakers from time to time, offer a referral and self-referral service with our College Psychologist, and organise camps (when possible) for students in Years 5 – 9 and Year 11 which focus on team building, resilience and contemporary health issues.

The Wellbeing Team

  • Principal
  • Deputy Principal
  • College Psychologist
  • Head of Wellbeing
  • Secondary Year Coordinators
  • Director of Junior School
  • Junior School teachers