Year 12s Get Inspired by 2023 College Dux, Nick Annas!

On Friday, June 7th, our Year 12 students had a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights from a true academic champion. College Captain Emma King hosted a special meeting featuring Nick Annas, the 2023 College Dux.

Nick, a shining example of dedication and success, shared his wisdom and strategies with the eager Year 12 cohort. He discussed his approach to the HSC year, offering practical tips and valuable advice that resonated with the students as they navigate their own final year challenges.

Nick’s impressive academic achievements speak for themselves. He not only secured an outstanding ATAR of 98, but also earned a coveted spot on the NESA Distinguished Achievers list. His stellar performance included achieving Band 6 and E4 results across all his HSC exams. Additionally, his artistic talents were recognized with a potential selection for individual and group performances in OnStage.

This inspiring session provided Year 12s with a roadmap to success and a healthy dose of motivation. Hearing Nick’s story firsthand undoubtedly fueled their determination and equipped them with valuable strategies for tackling their HSC year.

The College is incredibly proud of Nick’s accomplishments and grateful for his willingness to share his experiences with our current Year 12 cohort. We wish them all the best in their upcoming exams!