Sold-Out Senior Acting Productions

Our Year 7-9 Acting Stream presented the Australian Premier Peach Tree Smash Cut, a beautiful coming-of-age production skillfully written and directed by our very own Alex Lee-Rekers. The young cast dealt with the content like seasoned professionals, delivering exceptional performances across the board. The use of multimedia in the production added to the clever staging. 

Our first Senior Acting Stream production, Stupid F*%$ing Bird, an adaptation of Chekov’s The Seagull, was a remarkable piece of theatre. Under the direction of Romy Bartz, the cast tackled the content with dexterity and complexity, churning out first-class performances. Playing to sold-out houses, this production shone a light on the depth of talent currently taking Acting in the senior years, producing a most engaging production. 

The rest of the Senior Acting Stream presented the English farce Noises Off. Again, playing to sold-out houses in the Fraser Centre, this play had the audience in stitches as the cast meticulously handled 10 entrances, sardines, bags, and boxes. The technical expectations from the cast were extraordinary, as they shifted between two accents and handled the complexity of movement with consummate ease.