Acting, directing and producing

Term 4 has seen the focus squarely turn to student-led bodies of work. Our Primary students have been looking at devising their own puppet shows under the watchful eye of Romy Bartz. The joy and creativity this brings to our younger students is infectious. Our Junior actors, guided by their mentor, Alex Lee-Rekers have been writing, directing and editing their own short films.  It carries on from the wonderful work Poppy Lynch does with our Elective Acting students every Tuesday and provides the students with another string to their performance bow. Meanwhile, our Senior actors have been engaged in two student-led productions: How I Met Robin directed by Thomas Cristovao and Dance Nation directed by Lily Sauran. It is a credit to both the directors of these productions and the respective casts, that in a very short space of time, they are able to put on highly engaging and entertaining plays. Term 4 has rounded off a most successful and enjoyable year for all Acting Streams and I would like to thank the parents and friends who have come along to support the students in the various productions throughout the year.