Our auditions are designed to determine a student’s interest, passion, and talent for performing arts and to decide if they are likely to thrive in a performance-rich environment. Students are encouraged to enjoy the audition experience as it may be the first of many.

Who should attend an audition?

  • students who will be enroling in Years 5 – 12 and who are interested in performing arts
  • students can Audition up to two years prior to entry
  • Auditions are held four times a year.

Students are advised to audition in their preferred area of focus. You may audition for more than one stream

Who does NOT need to audition?

Academic test

Senior Academic McDonald College

All students from Years 5 – 12 will undertake an academic test to assess written and numerical competency.

What do we need to do to Audition?

  1. Book a Tour or attend an Open Day / Morning
  2. Complete the Application Form and pay the Application Fee
  3. Read the Audition on Campus Requirements
  4. Attend and ace your Audition

Audition via Video

MCD video audition

Our preference is for you to audition in person at the College. This allows you to meet your future teachers, participate in workshops, tour the campus, and get a sense of who we are.

We understand that illness or distance might mean families cannot attend an in-person audition. In these cases, you may Audition via Video.

If you need to audition this way, you will need to


Are there any Scholarships offered at the Auditions?

Scholarships are offered on a discretionary basis to extraordinary performing arts applicants and are typically awarded as a partial reduction on Tuition Fees. Read more about the process here.

What if I have more than one child who wants to audition?

If more than one child from the same household is auditioning, please complete a separate Application Form for each child.

Get in touch with our Registrar

02 9752

Senior male acting student in street clothes reads a script