Kindergarten – Year 2

We take a holistic approach to your child’s education by enhancing the academic, creative, physical, and social aspects of their development.

We tap into your child’s natural creativity with skills-based activities of dance, music, singing and acting, integrated into each learning day. We foster not only individual academic growth but also confidence in expression and communication.


Our focus is on building strong academic foundations in literacy and numeracy. Our engaging, enquiry-based learning approach supports and guides children to be well-prepared for the next phase of their learning lives. Our Infants program is structured to ease the transition to Primary School.


Performance genres include Dance (jazz / ballet combination), Music, and Acting. Your child will get the chance to participate in in-house and external performance events, including Starburst at The Parade Theatre, NIDA.


To develop both gross and fine motor skills, young children need to learn how they can move. By participating in gymnastics, acrobatics as well as regular PE activities they develop fitness, agility and coordination.


We aim to nurture self-aware, confident, and resilient little humans who think for themselves and importantly of others. We actively encourage collaboration especially when it comes to problem-solving.


Our experienced and dedicated staff develop programs based on peer-reviewed research. Small class sizes mean we can offer truly personal support to each child. We modify the pace and content of the activities as needed.


In your child’s first week, they are paired up with a buddy – some who have been at the College since Kindergarten. The older children play a big role in the young ones’ socialisation into the inclusive environment that we are known for.

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