Triumphs on the Field

Our School Shines in CDSSA and AICES Athletics

On Thursday, August 24, the ES Marks Athletics Field in Kensington witnessed a display of exceptional athleticism as 31 of our students, chosen based on their stellar performance at the school secondary carnival, participated in the CDSSA Athletics event. Seven of our outstanding athletes earned a coveted spot in the next stage by securing top-three positions in track events or top-two spots in field events.

A true star of the day was Harry Forsyth, who not only clinched the age championship title but also garnered the highest points among all 17-year-old boys. His prowess was on full display as he triumphed in an impressive 10 events, claiming victory in the 3000m, 1500m, 800m, 400m, and javelin.

The momentum continued at the AICES Athletics event on Tuesday, September 5, at the Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. Notable qualifiers for the upcoming CIS Athletics on September 19 included (again) Harry Forsyth, securing 2nd place in the 800m and 3rd in the 400m for the 17 years old boys, along with Skye Ebeyer, who claimed 3rd place in the 18 years old girls’ high jump.

These achievements not only reflect the dedication and talent of our students but also underscore our school’s commitment to nurturing excellence in athletics. Congratulations to all participants, and we eagerly anticipate cheering on our representatives in the upcoming competitions. Go Team MCD!