Kindergarten – Year 12

Learn more about our Infants school, Primary school, Junior Secondary school or Senior Secondary school.

Infants (K – 2)

Where play-based learning intersects with the careful transition to the foundations of reading, writing, comprehension, mathematics, science, language, music, dance, sport and more.

Our vibrant learning spaces allow flexibility in teaching and learning, while encouraging exploration, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Our infants’ teachers accommodate individual learning while students work in groups which complement their interests and progression.

Primary (3 – 6)

Learning in Years 3 – 6 is deeply embedded in comprehension and numeracy. Critical thinking coincides with collaboration, communication and problem-solving.

All students partake in French tuition. They can choose electives of technology, robotics, writing for publication, art (beyond the curriculum), musical theatre, or choose to perform in a rock band.

Students in Years 5 – 6 participate in up to six hours per week of tennis or performing arts.

Junior Secondary (7 – 10)

In addition to following the NESA curriculum, in these years – each student begins to explore their performance passions on a deeper level. We cater for all levels of engagement and offer Diverse Learning and support, as required.

Teaching strategies include research tasks, group collaboration, information and communication technologies, practical tasks, oral presentations, and more. Strategies are designed to cater for different learning styles, deepen learning experiences, and to foster a love for life-long learning.

Our Wellbeing Program cultivates a sense of self, a sense of belonging, and develops students’ interpersonal skills during these formative years.

Senior Secondary (11 – 12)

Our senior students are encouraged to think beyond the text and further develop their critical thinking skills – to contribute positively to the changing world around them.

In these years, we not only focus on bringing out their best, academically – we also endeavour to hone their soft skills to prepare them for leadership roles and fulfilling relationships: open-mindedness, self-awareness, confidence, taking responsibility, humility, empathy, adaptability and resilience.

From Year 11, in addition to academic support, each student is assigned their own teacher mentor to guide them through to the HSC. They also focus on stewarding the students’ mental health and emotional wellbeing.