Ballet Students Shine at the Eisteddfod Season

Our ballet students had incredible success at the recent Eisteddfod competitions across St George, I’d Rather Be Dancing, Extreme and Sydney Eisteddfod!

This season saw outstanding results from both our College and After-Hours programs. The dedication and talent of our students truly shone through, and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements.

A huge round of applause goes to all our students, teachers, administrators, costume department, and prop assistants. Your hard work, choreography, commitment, and tireless support were instrumental in this success. Of course, a big thank you also goes out to our parents for their unwavering support throughout the season.

This is a fantastic accomplishment for our entire ballet program, and we look forward to seeing what these talented dancers achieve next!

St George Eisteddfod

1st place- 12/u Classical, 14/u Classical and Open Age Classical

2nd place- 10/u Classical

3rd place- 13/o Classical

1st place- 10/u Lyrical, 12/u Contemporary, 14/u Lyrical

2nd place- 13/o Lyrical

3rd place- 12/u Lyrical

HC- Open Age Lyrical

Extreme Eisteddfod

1st place- 10/u Classical, Open Age Classical

2nd place- 12/u Classical

3rd place- 14/ u Classical, 14/u Lyrical

HC- 16/u Lyrical, 16/u Contemporary


1st place – 12/u Classical

3rd place- 10/u Classical

Sydney Eisteddfod

1st place- 14/u Lyrical (small group)

1st place- 14/u Contemporary (small group)

2nd place- 14/u Classical (small group)

2nd place- 12/u Lyrical

3rd place- Open Age Contemporary (small group)

HC- 14/u Lyrical

HC- Open Age Lyrical