Showstopping “A Chorus Line”!

A round of thunderous applause for Kate Dunn, Head of Musical Theatre, and the incredible cast and crew who brought “A Chorus Line” to life over six sold-out performances at the Fraser Auditorium this term. One audience member commented, “I forgot I was at a school performance. The student talent and the level of production are simply phenomenal.”

This iconic musical isn’t just about catchy tunes and dazzling dance numbers. It’s a poignant exploration of self-discovery, relationships, ambition, and the raw realities of the performing world. Though first performed in the 1970s, its themes remain strikingly relevant today – especially after navigating the challenges of the past few years.

The students delivered a powerful performance, capturing the highs and lows of a performer’s journey with passion and precision. They tackled Marvin Hamlisch’s timeless score with impressive vocal prowess, seamlessly transitioning from moments of self-doubt in the gruelling audition room to soaring anthems like “What I Did For Love” and “One.”

In preparation for the show, students had the opportunity to talk to the original cast member and Broadway legend Priscilla Lopez, who gave them all the tricks and insider knowledge on this musical, undoubtedly contributing to the success of the show.

Under Kate Dunn’s brilliant direction, this production was more than just a performance – it was a transformative experience for the students involved. This journey of self-expression and artistic exploration will undoubtedly stay with them long after the final curtain falls.