Inspired by Sydney Dance Company’s “Momenta”

Our Senior Contemporary Dance students recently had an incredible experience that ignited their passion for dance! They witnessed the Sydney Dance Company’s captivating performance of “Momenta,” leaving them in awe and brimming with inspiration.

The energy and artistry of the performance clearly resonated with the students. Their return to the College buzzed with excitement and a newfound drive to explore their own creative potential.

But the inspiration didn’t stop there! These talented dancers have also been receiving invaluable training from a dream team of teaching artists directly from the Sydney Dance Company. Working daily with industry professionals like Lucy Angel, Lexy Panetta, Cloe Fournier, Natalie Cunzolo, Koko Mukai, Bridget McAllister, and Madelaine Harms is an extraordinary opportunity.

Learning from such accomplished dancers provides unique insights and pushes artistic boundaries. The daily exposure to these professionals allows our students to refine their technique, develop their own artistic voice, and gain a deeper understanding of the professional dance world.

This combination of witnessing a world-class performance and daily instruction from industry icons is truly fostering an exceptional learning environment for our Senior Contemporary Dancers. We can’t wait to see what incredible work they create next!