Grow your child’s dance and ballet skills during the summer holidays at International Summer School (ISS2024)

Are you a parent in Sydney’s Inner West looking for engaging holiday ballet classes during the summer break for your young dance enthusiast? Look no further than the McDonald College International Summer School (ISS2024). Renowned for its exceptional teaching and immersive experiences, our prestigious dance workshop has been a popular choice for dancers aged 7 to 20. Over the past 17 years, our program has not only honed exceptional dance skills but also fostered lasting friendships and a strong sense of community.

Refine Technique, Ignite Creativity, and Build Confidence

At McDonald College ISS, we prioritise offering a comprehensive summer holiday ballet experience in Sydney’s Inner West. Our carefully crafted 5-day program blends rigorous technical training with workshops aimed at nurturing creativity and developing artistry and musicality. Led by experienced instructors such as Steve Rooks from Vassar College New York, Clytie Campbell from The Royal New Zealand Ballet, and Bronte Hull from The Royal New Zealand Ballet, your child will receive top-tier instruction from industry professionals.

Diverse Workshops and Expert Guidance

Under the guidance of our experienced faculty, your child will engage in a diverse range of holiday ballet classes, catering to various skill levels and interests. From classical ballet to contemporary dance, our program offers a comprehensive learning experience tailored to the vibrant dance community of Sydney’s Inner West. With the inclusion of guest teacher Paul Boyd from the Queensland Ballet Academy, your child will have the opportunity to explore various dance forms and techniques, fostering a well-rounded and versatile approach to their craft.

Secure Your Child’s Spot at ISS2024

The McDonald College International Summer School offers more than just a summer holiday dance workshop; it provides a holistic dance education that fosters a deep appreciation for the art of ballet, builds lasting friendships, and instils a sense of confidence that will last a lifetime. With our experienced faculty, carefully crafted curriculum, and limited class sizes, your child is guaranteed to receive the attention and guidance they need to flourish. Embrace this opportunity to nurture your child’s passion and potential with the McDonald College ISS2024 program. Book early to secure their place and witness their dance dreams come to life this summer.