Dancers Shine at RAD Joan & Monica Halliday Awards and Isobel Anderson Awards

This term, our Classical Ballet dancers took centre stage at the RAD Joan & Monica Halliday Awards and Isobel Anderson Awards. From preliminary classes to finals, workshops to guest performances, the journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this remarkable event.

RAD Joan & Monica Halliday Awards: The Halliday Preliminary Classes kicked off the exhilarating journey from 11th to 14th March, culminating in the Semi-finals on 15th March. The anticipation reached its peak as dancers showcased their skills at the Halliday Final held on Saturday, 6th April 2024, at the prestigious Seymour Centre.

IAA Preliminary Classes and Commissioned Choreography Workshop: Following suit, the IAA Preliminary Classes took place from 18th to 21st March, leading up to the gripping Semi-Finals on Friday, 22nd March. Adding to the excitement, a Commissioned Choreography Workshop with the renowned Paul Knobloch was held on 24th March, enriching the dancers’ experience and creativity.

Guest Performances and Finalists: The IAA Final on Sunday, 7th April, at the Seymour Centre was a showcase of talent and dedication. Notably, Sarah Wheatley was invited to perform her mesmerizing Talisman solo as a guest performer, captivating the audience with her artistry.

Halliday and IAA Achievements: Among the standout performers, dancers emerged as semi-finalists and finalists, showcasing their exceptional talent and hard work. Imogen Stephens, Anneke Soulis, Madeleine Konstantakos, and many others left an indelible mark with their remarkable performances.

Results and Achievements: The culmination of this extraordinary journey brought forth outstanding achievements. Ava Micallef clinched first place, winning the Advanced Foundation category, while Anneke Soulis secured the Runner-up position for Intermediate. Charlize Portes-Green received the Encouragement Award for Advanced 1, adding another feather to the cap of The McDonald College’s success.

Congratulations to Every Dancer: As the curtain falls on this remarkable event, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to every dancer who represented The McDonald College. Your dedication, passion, and talent have illuminated the stage, filling our hearts with pride and joy. We are immensely proud of each one of you and look forward to witnessing your continued success in the world of dance.