Senior Contemporary Dance Students Showcase Talent and Creativity

We are thrilled to highlight the achievements of our Senior Contemporary Dance students as they continue to excel in their artistic endeavors. Annie Wu, Jack Reddie, and Kirkland Tong showcased their exceptional talent by performing a piece they had choreographed themselves, titled “Sila,” at the Open Day in March.

These dedicated students have been actively honing their skills, participating in sessions at the prestigious Sydney Dance Company every Thursday alongside Pre-Professional dancers. Additionally, they have had the privilege of learning from several esteemed artists who have visited the college to share their expertise.

Looking ahead, our talented dancers are diligently preparing for the upcoming Choreographic Evening scheduled for the 24th of June. They are eagerly crafting their own choreography, poised to impress audiences with their creativity and artistry.

We are incredibly proud of Annie, Jack, and Kirkland for their commitment, passion, and dedication to their craft. Their hard work and perseverance serve as an inspiration to us all, and we eagerly anticipate their future performances as they continue to shine on stage.

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