Reflecting on the term that it was – 2023, Term 3

Term 3 concludes with the highlights of our High Performance Season at The Parade Theatre, Kensington, Year 12 Graduation celebrations HSC Practical Nominations beginning to come through.

I was so proud of all our students from Kindergarten to Year 12 who performed in:


Junior Secondary Showcase

Senior Secondary Showcase


Each performance was a credit to the students and our staff. Not only did every student show their skills but they performed with discipline, commitment and sheer joy.

The Class of ’23 is celebrating the end of 13 years of school in this last week of term with:

Dress Up Day

Staff and student Picnic

Ball Rehearsals

Graduation Ceremony and Breakfast with family and friends

Lunch hosted by Year 11

Graduation Ball at the Hilton Hotel

The graduating Year 6 class will also celebrate with the Year 12 Graduates at the Graduation Ball on Sunday, September 24.

The first of the HSC practical nominations are beginning to come through. Mr Friend is thrilled with the HSC Drama nominations for ONSTAGE received:

Individual Performance

Zoe Allsopp Lander

Nick Annas

Edana Bauers

Sophia Collins

Joshua Evans

Georges Patry

Ryan Yeates

Group Performance

Zoe Allsopp Lander, Nick Annas, Edana Bauers

Sophia Collins, Georges Patry, Ryan Yeates

I take this opportunity to thank our families, students and staff for their ongoing commitment to the College and wish our whole community a safe and happy Spring break.


Maxine Kohler