They came, they played, they sang, they performed formidably

As we bid adieu to a term filled with musical enchantment, let’s pause to relish the extraordinary journey our Junior School musicians have embarked on. The Junior School Music Competitions Evening stood as a beacon of their talent, dedication, and unwavering passion for music.

Here’s a glimpse into the remarkable performances and outstanding achievements of our students:

Instrumental Competition:

  • April Biro: Violin
  • Laila Breen: Violin
  • Alexis Djordjevic: Cello and Acoustic Guitar
  • Soul Lee: Piano
  • Madison Lok: Violin
  • Aya Santosa: Piano
  • Cameron Sherer: Acoustic Guitar
  • Jayden Tan: Percussion
  • Oliver To: Oboe

Vocal Competition:

  • Valentina Bagala
  • Francesco di Leo
  • Alyssa Jindal
  • Madison Lok
  • Ilke Ozaras
  • Aya Santosa
  • Grace Thomas
  • Isabella Zhang

Recipients of Awards:

  • Instrumental Competition Winner: Oliver To (Oboe)
  • Vocal Competition Winner: Valentina Bagala
  • Highly Commended for Instrumental Competition:
    • April Biro (Violin)
    • Aya Santosa (Piano)
    • Jayden Tan (Percussion)
  • Highly Commended for Vocal Competition:
    • Francesco di Leo
    • Alyssa Jindal
    • Grace Thomas

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Lucy, Libby, Peter E, and Gabe for their invaluable contributions in ensuring the success of the event. Their dedication and expertise behind the scenes made the evening truly unforgettable!