Prefects’ Concert: Heart On My Sleeve Fundraiser

In the glow of a spectacular evening, The McDonald College hosted an unforgettable night of performances as part of a fundraising event for Heart On My Sleeve, a non-profit organization championing mental well-being and emotional authenticity.

The event was a triumphant success, featuring a charitable sale of food, snacks, and various goods, complemented by both a silent and live auction, and not forgetting the ticket sales that added to the cause. The community rallied together, showcasing overwhelming support for the Heart On My Sleeve Movement.

Darren Moglia, Director at Heart on My Sleeve, expressed gratitude, stating, “What an incredible school and an amazing group of Prefects! Thank you to The McDonald College for leading the way in having open conversations about mental health.”

Our school captain, Emma King, also wrote a few words on her experience:

“If I had to describe the perfects concert in three words, I would choose rewarding, exciting, and a huge learning experience. 

Working toward such a large-scale concert with the prefect team has taught us all incredibly valuable lessons about both leadership, teamwork, communication, and I think gave us all a newfound appreciation for Mr Kraft, Mr Eirth, and all staff who put on shows for us. Despite its challenges, the lessons we all learnt will stay with us – translating to our personal lives, future leadership roles, and school lives – one of the most valuable aspects of working as a leadership team. The reward of seeing our hard work come to life on the night was a bonus! 

We began working toward the concert at the end of 2023, when we chose to fundraise for Heart on My Sleeve (HOMS), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to lead a cultural movement toward emotional authenticity. We began reaching out to various businesses and the school community for donations in January and we received our final donation on the day of the concert at around 4pm! We were very fortunate to receive such generous donations from local businesses, families, and larger organisations. The night was a huge success and was definitely one to remember, the atmosphere was incredible – underpinned by the outstanding performances from students across the school.

The night was so enjoyable, testament to the outstanding work of the Prefect team, of whom I am so proud and grateful to work with. Lily S, Ava, Sophie, Abbie, Daniel, Sam, Rory, Harry, Mollie, Lily KH, and Danny all put in so much work, from contributing and acting upon their ideas, supporting one another, and taking intiative where possible. This could not have been achieved without the support of Ms Douglas, our Prefect coordinator, the P&F, all of the MCD staff, and of course, the students and families who came along to support us.”

To learn more about Heart On My Sleeve, head to their website: Heart on my Sleeve

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