About our premium dance programs in Sydney

Our students, at The McDonald College in Sydney, will study many styles of dance to help develop their skills, including contemporary, classical ballet, jazz, lyrical jazz, tap and hip-hop. Finding a professional dance teacher and a performing arts school that fits your child, helps them be the best version of themselves.  

At the Dance Department at McDonald College we employ working professional dancers to teach our programs, as well as ex-professional dancers who have a wealth of experience and a reputation in the entertainment industry. We aim to develop our dance students into intelligent, skilled and artistic performers who will be versatile across many genres and styles of dance.

Dance Dynamix opportunities

Aside from being a part of our curriculum, Dance may also be taken as an elective subject as part of the High School Certificate. This subject includes a program of performance, dance composition and dance appreciation, and students may also audition for performance groups called ‘Dance Dynamix’ groups. Dance Dynamix is offered as Jazz Dance in Primary School, but Junior and Senior levels may choose between Jazz Dance and Contemporary Dance. Performance groups rehearse during after-school hours and perform at many functions during the year, including McDonald College Open Days, Grandparents Day, College assemblies and various corporate events, including Eisteddfods.

Performance opportunities for students

The Dance program here at McDonald College develops original performance pieces, sometimes in conjunction with other performance streams like Musical Theatre. As a highlight of the College Calendar each year, the Dance Stream performs at the Parade Theatre NIDA. This performance always leaves the audience, and the performers inspired and invigorated, as the students perform with the energy and a strong technique that they have honed throughout the year. 

Dance programs for Junior School students

Junior School students undergo 1 ½ hour blocks of performing arts, classic ballet and jazz per day, by professional dance teachers. Four days per week can be spent on dance training, and the fifth day is devoted to learning a musical instrument in years 3 to 6. Alternatively, musical theatre programs are available in years 5 to 6.

Dance programs for senior school students

Secondary students are able to spend 2 hours per day on performing arts, and they cover a wide variety of dance styles, including contemporary dance, hip-hop dance, jazz dance, lyrical jazz dance, tap dance and classical ballet from professional dance teachers. The Dance faculty’s aim is to foster, encourage and develop each student’s potential and to create passionate, technical and informed dancers.

Feel free to contact the Dance faculty at McDonald College on 02 9752 0500 or come to one of our upcoming Open Days or Mornings in Sydney