Secondary Swimming Carnival 2024 Results

The sun was shining, the water was glistening, and the excitement was palpable as students from across our school gathered at the Cabarita Swimming Centre on Friday, 23rd February, for the highly anticipated Secondary Swimming Carnival. With enthusiastic cheers and competitive spirits, participants dove into the pool, showcasing their talent and determination. As the ripples settled, the results spoke volumes of the incredible athleticism and camaraderie on display. Let’s dive into the highlights of the day!

Individual Triumphs:

In a display of sheer athleticism and determination, students competed fiercely in various age categories, striving for personal bests and podium finishes. Here are the standout performers in each age group:


  • 12 years: Sebastion Lavorato
  • 13 years: Oliver Austin
  • 14 years: Kevin Kang
  • 15 years: Jensen Mazza
  • 16 years: Ali Bokhari
  • 17 years: Leonardo Vaccarezza
  • 18 years: Harry Forsyth


  • 12 years: Yani Poon
  • 13 years: Suri Suchovsky
  • 14 years: Piper Hough
  • 15 years: Shaina Manshaee
  • 16 years: Coco Solomon
  • 17 years: Cayla Engelbrecht
  • 18 years: Annie Wu

Fastest Female: Cayla Engelbrecht Fastest Male: James Hill

A huge round of applause to Cayla Engelbrecht for not only claiming the title of the Fastest Female but also being crowned the Overall College Swimming Champion!

Team Spirit:

Beyond individual accolades, the carnival was a testament to the power of teamwork and house spirit. Each house brought their A-game, with vibrant war cries and unwavering support for their fellow teammates.

Team Results:

  • War Cry Winners: Roberts House

House Points:

HouseEvent PointsNoveltiesWar CriesHelpingTotals

Final Places:

  1. Falkirk
  2. Sutherland
  3. Helpmann
  4. Roberts


The Secondary Swimming Carnival 2024 was a spectacular showcase of talent, sportsmanship, and school pride. Congratulations to all participants for their outstanding performances, and a special shoutout to the individual champions, the victorious Falkirk House, and the remarkable Cayla Engelbrecht for her exceptional achievements.

As we reflect on the thrilling events of the day, let us carry the spirit of unity, determination, and sportsmanship with us, both in the pool and beyond. With each stroke and each cheer, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence and teamwork.