Write a book in a day challenge

On the very last week of this term, our Year 11 students took on the Write a Book in a Day Challenge. Each one of the two teams worked to compose and illustrate a narrative in 12 hours (from 8am until 8pm), both competing in the Upper Secondary division, which requires them to write between 3,500 and 5,000 words. 
At the start of the day, teams were given a set of unique writing parameters, which included two human characters, one non-human character, a setting and an issue, and they had to craft their narrative around these parameters. They were also given 5 random words that they had to include somewhere in their story. 

Additionally, students were to also produce a cover for their books – the result is above. 

The students themselves agreed, they had a great time and it was a unique experience: “I really enjoyed the Write A Book In A Day experience and would recommend it to anyone! To collaborate with so many other creative, talented students was so valuable and so much fun; we were all very proud with what we produced. Thank you to Ms Webster and Ms Walker for the ongoing support and organisation of this event for such a good cause.” Emma King, Year 11 student. 

There is also a fundraising aspect to the competition, raising money for The Kids Cancer Project. Each team must raise a minimum of $240 by 30 September in order for their book to be eligible for judging. 
If you would like to help the teams with their fundraising, head to the following links: 
The Critters: 
Leon’s Little Helper 

Year 11 students involved are:

The Critters 

Alani Winn

Annie Wu 

Cooper Soo 

Daniel Harris 

Eevee Pointon 

Frank Lewis 

Jack Reddie 

Kirkland Tong 

Lily Sauran 

Leon’s Little Helper 

Abbie Kerr 

Caitlin Dooley 

Carly Bugg 

Emma King 

Emelia Barry 

Layla Shein 

Samuel Dunnicliff 

Zoe Lewry