Streaming their Music

Harmonious Achievements: Music Stream’s Term

Music Stream has once again had a very busy term. We started with the Senior Students attending an online workshop with staff from Berklee College in Boston, hosted by the Australian Institute of Music (AIM). This was an enormously successful morning and the students performed at the very highest level, with much praise and admiration coming to them from the tutors and staff at both institutions.

We then held a lunchtime Piano Recital for our budding pianists across the Stream. It was attended by a supportive audience of both students and staff. It was a delight to see so many great students perform a variety of piano music for us.

A big night for the term was the launch of not one, but TWO composition albums sought from the student elective class of Song Writing. This year the standard of writing was fantastic and many thanks to Paul Aiden and Katia Fuscaldo-Zoffoli for their outstanding work on these albums and their inspirational work with the students of this class.

We have finished the term with our ‘Slurpfest’ Year 7 – 11 Showcase. All the students from years 7 – 11 were seen and heard, playing and singing up a storm of songs they chose and prepared themselves. The standard of performance was excellent across the board and an enjoyable night was had by all.

Many thanks go to all the private music tutors who train and guide our students weekly, to achieve their learning goals and who encourage them all to do their very best. Many thanks to Jacqui Sherer who creates miracles every week with both the Primary and Secondary students, and to Katia, Libby, and Marie who teach PA and are gems in the classroom each week. Music Stream is so lucky to have you all.

We hope you all enjoy a relaxing Christmas break and look forward to much merriment and music making in 2024.