Celebrating Achievements and Fun

2023: A year of Boarding conquests

The boarding house has been buzzing with excitement this term! From the captivating A Night of Classical Ballet at NIDA, where our talented boarders showcased their ballet prowess, to Rory’s triumphant win at the Worldwide Tennis Academy UTR – our boarding community has been on a roll.

The Slurpfest at school featured the musical brilliance of our Music stream boarders – Genevieve, Teddy, Tim, Amelie, and Serene. The cheers from fellow boarders echoed their fantastic performances, making it an evening to remember.

In the realm of Senior Musical Theatre, Abbie Kerr clinched the prestigious Ann McDonald Scholarship – a testament to her outstanding talent. Congratulations, Abbie!

Our boarders played a significant role in the commissioning of the 2024 School leaders. Breanna, a Year 11/12 boarder, representing the Walbunja Wiradjuri Kamilaroi people, delivered the acknowledgment to country. It was a proud moment as many boarders received their badges for 2024, with Emma leading as the new school Captain and Rory as Vice-Captain, alongside Harry, Sophie, Lily, Abbie, and Issy as prefects and sports captains and vice-captains.

Beyond the boarding house, Jamie added his touch of talent to Ed Sheeran’s upcoming music video for “Amazing,” set to release in early December. Keep an eye out for a glimpse of him!

As the year concludes, we eagerly anticipate the Christmas Party, marking the perfect finale to a wonderful 2023 in Boarding. Reflecting on the achievements, camaraderie, and sheer talent displayed by our boarders, we look forward with excitement to an even more remarkable 2024. Here’s to the spirit of boarding excellence and the vibrant community that makes it all possible! 🎉🏠 #BoardingAchievements #2023InReview #ExcitedFor2024