Student voice

By Mia Thomas (Year 11)

We finally made it, the final stretch, where schooling gears up and we get to experience many cherished, everlasting memories of our final year at the College. Year 12 has always felt so far away, but as we received our jerseys, we realised that this distant fantasy of being the oldest in the College had suddenly become a reality.

Coming into Term 4, we knew that our first HSC assessment tasks were looming and for some this was daunting. We knew this year was going to be the hardest schooling year yet. Through many meetings with Mr O’Connell, we gained vital information about the ATAR, how scaling works and how we can apply to universities or TAFE using these marks from the tasks. It clarified what we need to do to pursue what we want when we leave. The biggest thing I took away from this was that I really need to put 110 per cent effort into every subject, to come out of this year with a result that will have me satisfied and proud.

Thanks to our PDHPE teachers, we recently spent a few nights away at the great Aussie Bush Camp for the Crossroads Program. This first of many lasts throughout the year. We got the chance to learn about other students who we might not normally interact with, and this helped us bond as a group. We were pushed out of our comfort zones on giant swings, abseiling, and jumping off poles. We supported each other through the sessions, games nights, the commando game, and the mud run.
Grace Robinson said, “it was a nice break from the schoolwork and it allowed me to connect more with my peers.” Liam Trewenack added, “camp has given me memories that I won’t forget. When we all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones, the experience was ten times better.”

As we see the end of the year inching towards us, the incoming Year 12 cohort is enjoying performing arts and tennis and looks forward to speech night, a long break and our last, first term ever at school.