Acting for good

We are always supportive and incredibly proud of all our students who actively stand for justice.

Alex Phoon, a Year 10 student who is a member of the NSW Young Greens recently shared with us some of the activities he has participated in this year.

He said, “I am passionate about social justice, and this year I have had the opportunity to attend climate rallies, and refugee rallies with Greens contingents. I have met so many like-minded people and I truly feel like I am now part of a massive and inclusive community.”

On election day, Alex was with Alani Winn (also in Year 10) and other Sydney students sharing information about political parties’ climate policies with voters.

In September he was offered a scholarship by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition to attend a three-day summit in Brisbane, where students and other young people shared their ideas and vision for a better future.

Earlier this year Alex was asked to speak at the Refugee Action Coalition Rally at Town Hall, where he advocated for policy change regarding permanent visas for all refugees.

He said, “The knowledge and advocacy skills I have been acquiring in pursuing my passion have proven useful for assessments for Commerce, Geography and History. From an essay on the jury system, to a task on the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, and another on the topic of human well-being surrounding drug laws. It’s been amazing to combine my interests with my academics. I’ve enjoyed this year and I am looking forward to 2023.”