Science wrap

This term has seen all students across the school engaged in Science. Year 7 has been investigating forces and space. They have been learning what a year means and finding their age on another planet. Invitations have been created to celebrate their birthday on a chosen planet.

Year 8 has been learning about the human body and has enjoyed dissections and also completed a STEM challenge to make a workable bionic hand.

Year 9 have been looking at electricity, sound and light and have had a literacy focus

In an Australian first within the schools’ sector, Year 10 students at The McDonald College have banded together for a cross-curricular initiative between the Science and Geography departments for Prince William’s Earthshot Prize. Established in 2020, the Prize is designed to uncover and scale innovative solutions that will repair our planet within the next ten years. In the last week of term, 11 groups of students presented their ideas to an internal judging panel. Their ideas addressed the themes of: Protect and restore nature; Clean our air; Revive our oceans; and Build a waste-free world. The best pitches (which will be announced next term) will be developed as submissions for the 2023 Earthshot Prize.

The incoming Year 12 students have started their Year 12 courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and are enjoying the challenges of these courses.