Chau Chak Museum visit

By Daniel Nassar (Year 7)

The Chau Chak Museum has been described as “Sydney’s newest museum which brings three powerful collections together in a purpose-built space at Sydney University. It spans the historical, cultural, and artistic excellence of those from ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, and that of our First Nations peoples. Its focus is on natural history, ethnography, and science. 70 per cent of the items on display have not been seen publicly for over 20 years.

Our Year 7 excursion to the Chau Chak Museum was nothing short of amazing.

The new building is diverse in its layout and showcased an extensive range of artefacts in an intriguing way.

The interactive aspect of the experience brought history to life. We learnt about the detail of preparing the artefacts so we wouldn’t break or damage the pieces of history. Being able to touch and analyse the artefacts helped expand our knowledge of our current topics of study.

The staff and historians of the Museum were highly knowledgeable and were very generous in sharing their knowledge with us.

One of the best parts was being able to see real mummies and the staff made sure we were respectful towards the deceased before us.

We are grateful to learn in a hands-on way at such a new and wonderful place and we thank Mr O’Connell and Ms Burns for organising the excursion.