Online Auditions I Enrol Now for 2021

We invite prospective students to submit an online audition for 2021 intake to the College. This option is available to students looking to enter Year 5 and above into the following streams: Acting, Classical Ballet, Dance (Commercial), Music or Musical Theatre. 

Video auditions must be submitted to the College Registrar by Tuesday 30 June 2020 at 4pm. Please note that prospective students have an alternate option to audition in person at the College, however, these dates are subject to change. 



Along with your Audition Application documents, as outlined on our website, please include all of the below in your audition email:

  1. CV and headshot
  2. Make sure you are presentable for camera and dressed appropriately
  3. Please introduce yourself to camera with your name, age, where you are based and what your PA experience is, followed by your audition piece/s. Make sure that introduction is no longer than one minute
  4. Include your audition for the stream of your choice. This should be no longer than two minutes. If submitting an audition for more than one stream, please include your introduction as separate recording, followed by an individual recording for each stream. Please label each as First Name & Surname_Stream_Date. For example:


Joe Smith_Introduction_1.1.2020

Joe Smith_Dance_1.1.2020

Joe Smith_Music_1.1.2020

Students participating in a live audition will receive a nominated time that is confirmed by the Registrar and Head of Department. Students will receive a Zoom link via email prior to the audition. Please make sure you download a free trial of Zoom ahead of time to make sure that it is compatible on your computer. Make sure your computer has a camera capability and a strong internet connection to allow video streaming

  1. Please submit video links as an unlisted YouTube link or as MP4 in the Online Audition form (link below) or as a separate download link through WeTransfer or similar file sending service
  2. In addition to your audition video submission, you may also wish to submit any show reels or additional content which supports your application. Please allow up to two weeks for your submission to be assessed. Successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview with the Principal.





Prospective students are required to sit an online academic test (40-45 minutes) at home. This test must be supervised by a parent or guardian during this time. Students will be sent a link and login code by our Registrar at the time of application. The test must be completed within five days of student receiving link.  




Pre-recorded audition

Prospective students are requested to prepare two short self-recorded monologues, each of 1 – 2 minutes in length. Monologues should be age appropriate and contrasting in nature. For example, comedy and drama; or contemporary piece and a classic piece, such as Shakespeare or from a period drama.



Pre-recorded audition

Students must incorporate barre work to include Plies, battement tendu, Adage and Grand Battement – only shown on one side is necessary. Students must also demonstrate centre work to include Ports de Bras/Adage, Pirouette combination, small/medium/grand allegro. Students can also include a variation or classical solo in their audition if they have one.



Pre-recorded audition

Students will need to demonstrate their dance abilities across a range of styles, which can include (but is not limited to) jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary. Piece should be less than two minutes in length.



Live audition

Students will need to play and/or sing two contrasting pieces. They will also need to state on whether they are able to sight read, and whether they are currently getting private lessons and where they are getting lessons.



Pre-recorded audition

1-2 pieces which showcases student’s singing and dancing technique. This can also include a monologue to showcase diversity in student’s ability.



There will be no pre-recorded or live audition submissions for this stream. Prospective students must audition in person at either the May, June or September audition intake.