Audition via Video – Requirements

Online test at home  to assess literacy and numeracy (45 mins).
Parent / Guardian must supervise.
Our Registrar will email a link.
Test must be completed in 5 days.
Wear comfortable clothing.
2 x recorded monologues (1 -2 mins each).
Monologues should be age appropriate and contrasting in nature.
Eg, comedy and a drama; or a contemporary piece and a classic piece,
such as Shakespeare or from a period drama.
Wear classical ballet attire.
You must incorporate barre work to include Plies, Battement Tendu, Adage and Grand Battement (only showing one side).
You must also demonstrate centre work to include Ports de Bras/Adage, Pirouette combination, and small/medium/grand allegro.
As an option, you can include a variation or classical solo if you wish.
Wear appropriate dance attire.
Present one or more solo/variation of your choice.
You should demonstrate your dance abilities across a range of styles, which can include (but is not limited to) jazz, tap, ballet and contemporary. (2 mins or less).
You must submit two (2) videos of differing dance styles.
Videos can be of classical, contemporary, improvisation or any other dance styles, showing skills, technique, and authentic movement.
Wear smart casual attire.
You will need to play and/or sing two (2) contrasting pieces.
You should indicate if you can sight read and if you are currently take private lessons (and if so, with whom).
Wear smart casual attire.
Present 1 – 2 pieces that showcase your singing and dancing technique.
As an option, include a monologue to showcase your diversity and storytelling skills.