About high school

A letter to all students starting this new phase, by Ewan.

The following letter was written by (then) Year 7 Ewan, currently starting Year 8. The letter was written towards the end of Term 1, last year (2023) and it carries a great message to all students starting their high school journey.

Hey, Year 6! I’m Ewan, a year 7 from the AMAZING McDonald College, and I’m here to talk to you about high school – a scary concept, isn’t it? You know, the homework, the 2000-word essays, puberty! But, not to worry, there’s plenty of great stuff too! Meeting new people, amazing teachers, making new friends, being allowed to drive a car (eventually), and most importantly, more independence. But I understand if you’re still a little nervous about going into high school, who wouldn’t?!  

But you’re in luck, because you are going to The McDonald College, so allow me to tell you what it’s like here! 

This school helps you follow your performing arts/ sporting passion if that’s what you want to do (which I assume that IS what you want to do, why else would you be here?). This is the place to be, you can choose to be part of 6 different streams, Acting, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Dance, Music, and Tennis, all great picks! The teachers are SUPER nice, and help you in any way they can, and for things like Acting and Musical Theatre, they will sometimes bring in professionals to give you tips!  

Another great thing about this school is that it is inclusive to every race, culture, and sexuality, and the community is great, everyone is super nice, not just the teachers, to me, it feels like one big family, which made me feel welcome when I came here! 

Now, I know what you’re going to ask “Ewan, what if I get lost?” believe me, it will happen, probably only once or twice and then you should know where to go, but if you don’t, there’s always the office to give you directions! 

Well, that’s a brief summary of what you will face here! Thank you for listening to me, and I hope to see you next year!