English Gets Visual: Decoding the Power of Images

Think English class is all about dusty textbooks and endless essays? Think again! Mr. Wilson’s Year 8 students recently embarked on a journey into the exciting world of visual literacy.

But what exactly is visual literacy? It’s all about understanding the language of images – how pictures, websites, and even films use visual techniques to communicate ideas and evoke emotions.

This term, the class delved into the power of visual representation. They explored a variety of picture books, dissecting the way elements like composition, colour, and symbolism contribute to the overall story.

To put their newfound knowledge to the test, students were tasked with creating a two-page spread visually representing a chosen narrative. The story? A captivating tale titled “Lost Sid.”

Armed with pencils, paints, and even digital tools, the students passionately channelled the story’s characters and scenes. The resulting artwork showcased a remarkable range of creativity and insightful interpretations.

English,Visual communication,academic performance
Mia Honeysett
Mia’s detailed illustrations bring the characters and emotions of “Lost Sid” vividly to life.
English,Visual communication,academic performance
Tia McIntosh
Tia utilizes the power of technology to present a dynamic and visually stunning interpretation of the story.

These are just a taste of the incredible work produced by Mr. Wilson’s Year 8 class. Their journey into visual literacy proves that English can be a vibrant and engaging subject, fostering not just written communication but also artistic expression.