Visual Arts and Technology: first-hand experience

Throughout the term, our Visual Arts and Technology students have embarked on a series of enriching excursions, immersing themselves in diverse artistic experiences and gaining inspiration from renowned artists and craftsmen. Let’s delve into the highlights of these memorable journeys:

Bundanon Art and Design Camp

Years 10 and 11 art students, along with Year 10 Design and Technology students, embarked on a three-day art and design camp at Bundanon, nestled on the banks of the picturesque Shoalhaven River. Led by our dedicated teachers, students delved into a variety of creative workshops and activities, from drawing with handmade reed pens to crafting cyanotype prints and exploring traditional and experimental art techniques. The stunning backdrop of Arthur Boyd’s homestead and the surrounding natural beauty provided the perfect setting for artistic inspiration and exploration.

Art Gallery of New South Wales Visit

Year 12 Visual Arts students had an exciting excursion to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, where they immersed themselves in a day filled with creativity. They explored various exhibitions, including Artexpress, the Biennale, and the works of Louise Bourgeois. Additionally, they had the privilege of participating in a talk about practice and process by students whose work was selected for Artexpress, gaining valuable insights into the creative journey and artistic process.

Shape Seminar for Year 12 Students

Year 12 students had an inspiring day at the Shape Seminar, where they explored top awarded HSC projects, attended a seminar by a Senior marker for Design and Technology HSC, and participated in a workshop led by design innovator Nik Robinson, Founder of Good Citizen Eyewear. This comprehensive seminar provided students with valuable guidance, feedback, and inspiration for their own design and technology projects, empowering them to excel in their final assessments and push the boundaries of their creativity.

These excursions have provided our Visual Arts and Technology students with invaluable opportunities to explore their creativity, expand their artistic horizons, and gain practical skills in their chosen disciplines. We are incredibly proud of their dedication and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing the continued growth and innovation of our budding artists and designers.