Youth Leadership Academy Secondary Leadership Conference

Our school had the privilege of attending the highly anticipated Youth Leadership Academy Secondary Leadership Conference. It was an event brimming with inspiration, empowerment, and valuable insights into leadership.

Student Mollie Rytmeister (Year 12) writes about the experience:

“On Thursday 21st March, the senior leadership team had the privilege of attending a leadership conference run by Youth Leadership Academy Australia (YLAA). The seminar was very inspiring, and we all left feeling motivated to enhance our school community. In addition to collaborating on ideas about the meaning and methods of leadership, we were fortunate enough to hear five insightful speakers.

The first was Will Massara, founder of YLAA. His speech was a reminder of the fact that all individuals have immense power to make change, regardless of their age. Many of us found this incredibly empowering!

The second speaker was our very own College Captain, Emma. Hearing her articulate her perceptions of leadership in a way that was so reflective of our College values made us all very proud!

The third speaker was Varsha Yajman. She provided valuable insights into how racism impacted her experience as a leader, which was a reminder of the active role we must all play in creating an inclusive environment.

The fourth speaker, Bradley Dryburgh, shared his awe-inspiring story. He explained how living with cystic fibrosis encouraged him to find value in internal fulfilment, rather than external measures of success. This was a wonderful reminder of the power of storytelling and the importance of finding peace within.

The final speaker was Rose Jackson, Minister for Housing in NSW. She emphasised the importance of supporting other leaders and being the ‘first follower’ when a leader proposes a valuable idea.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience that has created enthusiasm among us all. We are very thankful to Ms Douglas for sharing this experience with us.”

In conclusion, the conference was a testament to the power of youth leadership and the importance of nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of such a transformative experience and look forward to applying the lessons learned to our leadership journey ahead.