Rhythmic Gymnastics superstar

Rhythmic Gymnastics Australia hosted the NSW Senior State Championships at Shoalhaven, and the Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championship, which took place in Queensland. 

Sienna Kim – our Junior International gymnast, worked extremely hard over this period, training over 20 hours per week every week. 

At the State Championships, Sienna placed 3rd with her energetic Ghostbusters routine and qualified for the Australian National Championship.

At the Nationals, Sienna competed over four days with four separate routines using various apparatus, including the hoop, ball, club, and ribbon, and secured a spot in the finals. It is a fantastic achievement. The results reflect her continual hard work and dedication in training and towards the sport. 

Sienna will also be part of the Showcase later this year, where she will be displaying her skills with an incredible rhythmic gymnastics performance.