Powering future industries

The National Science Week this year focused on “Powering Future Industries.” Our junior Science students participated in several activities to celebrate this occasion. 

Amongst these activities, the Great Big Science Show featured amazing experiments using dry ice, liquid nitrogen and explosions that left the students in awe. 

Students also took part in an Escape Room activity. The challenge taught them about the potential of future fuels and their use in Australia. They had 40 minutes to prevent a gas leak in a fictional hydrogen facility by completing eight challenges related to the science and applications of hydrogen. 

Some senior students participated in a STEM activity where they were required to design a water-powered contraption that automatically bursts a balloon after a short delay. The activity was based on the Drip Rifle set up by Australian and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers in the trenches of Gallipoli, during World War I. The Drip Rifle, which never caused any harm, saved thousands of lives.  

Our Year 11 Chemists visited the Maritime Museum to study the effects of corrosion on metals in a marine environment. During the visit, they examined historical artifacts and conducted an analysis of various metals. The excursion concluded with a guided tour of two naval vessels – HMAS Vampire and the submarine HMAS Onslow.