Junior school expanding their horizons

Our Junior School had a jam-packed term full of exciting activities.

In May, we held The Scholastic Book Fair here in the College. It was a great experience, providing students with a wide selection of inspiring books. It certainly saw children discover new interests in literature.

We also had a fun day out at the Sydney Writer’s Festival earlier this month, listening to great children’s authors speak, which granted pre-release access to some of the authors’ books, adding to the excitement of seeing the authors in real life. The children are still reading these books today!

In History class, they learned about the British colonisation of Australia in the 1800s, about the Irish Potato Famine, the Industrial Revolution, and the United States Declaration of Independence; all great impactful and meaningful historical events that sparked the children’s curiosity.­­­

In Literature, we read Lighthouse Girl by Dianne Wolfer – a historically based novel about a lighthouse keeper’s daughter who lives in isolation on Breaksea Island, off the coast of Albany, Western Australia and how she becomes a voice for soldiers during WW1.

In Science, our students learned about solids, liquids, gases, and their properties, forming groups to conduct some fun experiments.

Our Juniors also performed exceptionally well in the team games for PDHPE. Some even had a go at refereeing games, which is a huge responsibility.

A few weeks ago, they helped our Seniors in one of the year’s biggest school productions, Matilda the Musical, assisting in the creation and decoration of props used for the set.

This term has been all about taking on new challenges for our Juniors, and they have been excellent at it.