On the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ Walls and the Gallipoli Mosque

Artistic Triumphs and Cultural Insights: Celebrating Our Creative Journey

The Art Department is delighted to announce Alfio Cavallero’s HSC Visual Arts project, ‘Eyes Wide Shut: Unveiling Society’s Underbelly,’ has earned a coveted place in Artexpress and an exhibition at The Art Gallery of New South Wales. This prestigious recognition showcases exemplary HSC Visual Arts works from across New South Wales.

Alfio’s intricate series of drypoint etchings, stemming from photographs taken during a school trip to New York, stands out for its depth and creativity. We eagerly anticipate witnessing his work grace the walls of The Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Simultaneously, our Year 7 Visual Arts students had an enriching excursion to Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn on November 20th, accompanied by Ms Ahmad and Ms Poiner. This visit served as a hands-on extension of their studies into Islamic art and architecture, offering valuable insights for their own creative pursuits. The mosque’s ornate interior and intricate tile designs left a lasting impression, complemented by insights from Ergun Genel, the Mosque’s Manager, regarding its religious and cultural significance within the Turkish and wider community.

These experiences, whether through Alfio’s recognition at Artexpress or the cultural exploration at Gallipoli Mosque, underscore our commitment to fostering creativity, appreciation, and understanding within the realm of visual arts. As we eagerly await Alfio’s exhibition and reflect on the enriching excursion, it’s clear that artistic expression and cultural exploration are thriving at our school. Here’s to the vibrant tapestry of creativity that continues to unfold within our Art Department! 🎨🏛️ #ArtisticTriumphs #CulturalInsights #VisualArtsJourney