Jeremy Jin meets Andre Agassi

It was the opportunity of a lifetime when Jeremy discovered he would be competing in the Under 13s category at the Longines Future Tennis Aces competition at the French Open. The Voyager Tennis Academy student achieved fourth place in his category, ranked amongst 20 of the best young players from around the world, which is an incredible achievement.

During his time at Longines, Jeremy also got to meet tennis icon Andre Agassi, who gave the 12-year-old some good advice for his budding career. When interviewed by Tennis Australia, Jeremy recalls his experience as life-changing. “This trip has been an amazing experience, getting to see all the different player’s training and competing has been wonderful. I have made friends here with everyone and I hope that we can all stay in contact as we continue to play tennis. Thank you to Longines and Tennis Australia for giving me this opportunity, it has been an incredible experience,” commented Jin. For the full article visit Tennis Australia.