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Five good reasons why you should entrust us with your child’s education.
Or as we like to call it, “the McDonald difference.”

1. We understand your priorities

Like you, we are invested in

  • supporting your child to achieve their personal best when it comes to academic grades
  • taking care of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • developing skills to prepare them for a fulfilling life
  • ensuring they are well-placed to discover their passion
  • providing an inclusive, safe and supportive environment.

Everyone wants school to be a place that students enjoy coming to every day.

2. Support for your child to achieve their best

We take a collaborative approach, working with you and your child, to understand how they learn best.

Every academic staff member at The McDonald College wants the same for your child as you do – for them to achieve their personal best when it comes to their school grades. We see to it they get all the support they need to do just that.

Research shows that when students are doing something they feel passionate about and are supported properly, they will perform to the best of their abilities across the board.

3. From performing arts to performance-centred

Many people when they hear ‘The McDonald College’, they think of ‘ballet’ or ‘performing arts school’. While our history is steeped in ballet and dance and these are art forms that we are famous for – we have evolved.

We have expanded our offerings across all streams of performing arts and also offer performance sports – specifically tennis and rhythmic gymnastics.

Performance isn’t just about what happens on-stage or on a court. It is also about performance in the classroom.

And creativity isn’t just about the arts. Creativity also lives in science, technology, and mathematics.

From Kindergarten onwards, we foster critical thinking and creative problem-solving. This is key to how our students graduate to become all-round performers.

4. We cultivate transferable skills

Transferable skills are vital whether we are presented with opportunities or challenges in life. In addition to fostering an appetite to engage, explore and experiment in their formal education, we also endeavour to nurture in every student

  • self-awareness
  • respect – for others and themselves
  • life-long curiosity
  • confidence in their own skin
  • communication skills
  • empathy and humility
  • adaptability and resilience
  • the ability to think globally and critically.

5. Our size means individual attention

Our size means we can, and do, pay attention. We can develop individual learning pathways to set your child up for academic success.

Whether they need a bit more support for a specific subject, have particular needs, or are a candidate for Acceleration.

Our experienced and approachable Diverse Learning team is respected and widely utilised by all students across the school.

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