Alum | Jaymie Grundy

Former student, Jaymie Grundy, graduated from The McDonald College in 2020. With a lifelong dream of becoming a paramedic, they embarked on their journey in early 2021, moving to Bathurst to pursue a Paramedicine degree at Charles Sturt University (CSU). While COVID-19 presented challenges, even online classes couldn’t diminish their enthusiasm.

The program offered a strong foundation in practical skills, encompassing cannulation, childbirth delivery, and airway management. The highlight of their studies was a placement trip to the UK, where they joined the East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS). This immersive experience provided a firsthand look at paramedic life on another continent and solidified their career aspirations. Witnessing the diverse post-graduation employment opportunities, especially in a post-pandemic world, further fueled their excitement.

Jaymie complemented their academic journey with valuable experience working at a Bathurst aged care facility, gaining valuable insight into another facet of healthcare. After graduating last year with job offers in both Australia and the UK, they were thrilled to join the NSW Ambulance Service team. We at MCD are incredibly proud of Jaymie’s accomplishments and wish them the very best in their rewarding career as a paramedic!