Alum | Blake Bowden

Blake Bowden (2002 graduate) is a multifaceted performer of immense talent and charisma and stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the realm of theatre and entertainment. With a career adorned with captivating performances across various mediums, Blake has solidified his status as a versatile artist, equally adept on stage and screen.

Blake Bowden’s journey into the world of performing arts began at a young age, right here at the College. His innate passion for storytelling and music found expression through early involvement in local theatre productions and musical performances, laying the foundation for his remarkable career trajectory.

With a repertoire spanning from classic to contemporary, he has graced audiences with unforgettable portrayals in iconic productions. From mesmerizing audiences as the enigmatic Raoul in “The Phantom of the Opera” to capturing hearts as the charming Guy in “Once,” Blake’s ability to inhabit diverse characters with depth and authenticity has earned him widespread acclaim.

Currently, he is set to embark on an exhilarating new chapter as he takes on the iconic role of Frank N Furter in the electrifying production of “The Rocky Horror Show.” Embracing the seductive and enigmatic allure of this beloved character, Blake’s portrayal promises to be a tour de force, blending his unparalleled talent with a dash of theatrical daring. With his trademark charisma and stage presence, Blake is primed to breathe new life into this timeless classic, captivating audiences with his interpretation of one of the theatre’s most iconic characters. As anticipation mounts for this eagerly awaited production, Blake Bowden’s portrayal of Frank N Furter is poised to be nothing short of sensational, further solidifying his status as a consummate performer of extraordinary calibre.