Student-led wellbeing conference

McD students join the call to arms to boost mental health, address online challenges. Earlier this month, about 300 student leaders from 40 schools gathered for the Student Led Wellbeing Conference to learn how they could boost young people’s wellbeing.

Year 11 students, Sophia Collins, Lara Ergun, Tom Garrett, Danielle Goodrick and Andy Lee were among them.

The conference featured two keynote speakers – a youth mentor and digital wellbeing expert – followed by student-led workshops on topics including ‘relationships’ and ‘habits and goals.’ Organiser Oliver Sved (of Knox Grammar) said the key to the program’s success was it was led by students rather than teachers.

“It’s easier for the people who attend, to relate to us rather than adults (from) a different generation and (who have) had different experiences from us.”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald Sydney students take lead to boost mental health, address online challenges (13.06.22)