PDHPE perspective I Cyber Safety

Safe technology use is a sensitive issue at the moment, especially as schools and the broader population are navigating the best ways to ensure the safety of everyone. While we strive to keep our own teens safe, it is also important that we strive to keep other teens safe as well. This will promote a safe community for all of us. With this in mind, there are a few questions that you could ask your child to gauge their level of responsibility in relation to technology. 

  • When you take photos or Tik Toks, do you ask for permission from all the people in the video first? Even people in the background?
  • If you uploaded a picture that someone had consented to before but now wants it removed. Would you take it down?
  • Do you think about people seeing the video or picture in five or ten years? Do you think you would still feel happy about it then?
  • Have you shared or showed someone a picture or video that could be embarrassing for a person in the video?
  • Do you feel comfortable speaking up when people take a picture of you that you have not consented to?


After going through the questions, it should give you a good idea about how responsible your teens are with technology. Keep in mind, young people may act differently in different environments, especially if their emotions have been heightened. It is important to have this conversation with your family for the safety of the College community.

If there are any concerns or questions you would like answered, please go to https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents. This website provides valuable information around many of the sensitive and pressing issues on cyber safety.


Michael Kaissis

PDHPE Department; Sports Coordinator