The Crucible

The McDonald College Acting Stream invites you to witness the Tony award-winning play and current HSC text, The Crucible, from 20 – 22 June at the Conference Centre in North Strathfield.

The Crucible tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials, where those accused face a choice of confessing to a crime they did not commit or maintaining their innocence and facing execution.

Head of Acting, Mr Greg Friend, says, “Miller is recognised as one of the most influential American playwrights of his time. Students at the College are studying this work for HSC English. The work’s central themes have currency today: it serves as a reminder about the ramifications of the abuse of power – and how critical thinking and independent thought are crucial to holding oneself and those in power to account.”

The play, set in the late 1600s in colonial Massachusetts, provides a powerful commentary on how unchecked accusations can destroy lives and how mob mentality can turn people into monsters.

When some local girls are caught illegally dancing in the woods, they avoid punishment by accusing others in the village of practising witchcraft. Gossip ensues, and the entire town descends into hysteria and suspicion. People are arrested and put on trial. The trials expose the flaws and frailties of human nature. After all, how do you choose between standing up for the truth or risking your life?

Year 12 student Nick Annas – whose professional credits include The Tourist and Soundtrack to Our Teenage Zombie Apocalypse – plays the role of Judge Danforth. He says, “I hope patrons leave the theatre with a newfound appreciation for canonical works. 70 years after The Crucible’s first performance, we continue to fear the unknown and turn to the supernatural for an explanation, proving Miller’s words, although dated, do not falter to resonate.”

The Crucible has a running time of approximately 2 hours, including intermission and is suitable for audiences aged 10 years and over. This production contains Adult Themes. 

Event details

  • 20 – 22 June 2023, 7pm
  • Conference Centre, The McDonald College
  • Tickets from $10