Supporting the swimmers

This term, our Year 12 students had their last ‘first day of school’. This was accompanied by the realisation that they would be doing their HSC exams and finishing school in just three terms.

Students were tasked with elaborating on the word ‘humility’ – one of our core values. Students spoke about ‘supporting each other’, ‘selflessness, and ‘modesty’.

But the exercise wasn’t purely theoretical, and students were encouraged to put these values into practice at their final Swimming Carnival.

The energy for the Swimming Carnival was electric, and everyone dressed up in red, blue, green, or yellow, showing their house spirit. The support that the Year 12 cohort showed was amazing, running down the 50-metre pool, supporting juniors through to seniors and cheering for every student as they touched the end of the pool.

Then it was time for their final jump, per our school tradition. After watching the years that preceded them, they jump in, all together, holding hands.

While some of our students look forward to winding down during the school break, others will go to the United States, where they will soak in inspiration from some of the world’s best acting and dance performers and musical theatre.

The McDonald College Performing Arts Primary and Secondary School in Sydney

We wish all our Year 12 students a relaxing and inspiring time out so that they come back ready and prepared to tackle the significant challenges that the following few terms will present as they inch closer to graduation.