Musical Theatre: Matilda to Broadway

Students participating in the Musical Theatre Stream are learning the complexity of performing Matilda the musical. They must combine music, text interpretation and choreography into one storytelling narrative to bring the performance together.

Additionally, they must learn how to put a show together, understand their character’s role and, most importantly, work together as a team while enjoying themselves in and out of the classroom.

Their singing, acting and dance teachers are all incredible specialists in their fields and assist students in preparing for the show. They see and give voice to every student and dig deeper into the material they are learning.

Our greatest achievement is seeing each student find courage and grace in this journey which is sometimes challenging. In addition, seeing them support and celebrate each other is a joy.

During the break, some of our students will be heading to the United States on a school trip in the April holidays. Boarders from Music, Acting and Musical Theatre will be visiting New York and Los Angeles to experience the magic of Broadway and visit Disneyland. They are very excited, as are we for them.