Online Learning

Photo: Matthew Syres

In order to support the learning outcomes of students, we incorporate the use of online technology where possible to allow for flexibility, quick replies on student assessments, and increased accessibility to learning support. 

Each student has an Office 365 account where they can access OneNote, Sway, Outlook among other things.



  • Teachers can view student work in real time, giving students immediate feedback
  • Teachers can post targeted work into notebook of individual students
  • All assessment notifications are distributed via OneNote
  • Handout distribution via OneNote, so no more lost worksheets
  • Classwork and homework is increasingly documented in OneNote, so students who are absent have access to the set work
  • Promotes collaborative learning & effective for group work


  • A creative, digital storytelling platform for reports, assignments, study materials and more
  • Allows for easy student collaboration
  • Can be shared from anywhere in the world and is device-friendly


Find out more information on our Bring Your Own Designated Device program here